• Differential diagnosis of known and suspected brain disorders
  • Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Services for neurodegenerative disorders and traumatic brain injuries (i.e. stroke, dementia)
  • Pediatric Neuropsychological Evaluations and adaptive compensatory training
  • Learning Disabilities (ADHD, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Communication Disorders, etc.)
  • Caregivers Support Group
  • Consultation with families, significant others, educators, and employers


About The Neuropsychological Examination

We offer a brochure on the neuropsychological examination which provides an introduction to patients, families and referring physicians. It describes what the neuropsychological examination is, who is qualified to conduct the exam, the design process, as well as why a neuropsychological examination may be needed.


The Memory Clinic

(otherwise known as “Neurocognitive Rehabilitation”)

Our Memory Clinic is the first of its’ kind to be introduced to the North Bay Area. Our unique program began offering services to patients with neurodegenerative disease, stroke, cardiovascular issues and head injuries in 2008. Our program consists of a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation, assessment of daily living skills and a medication review, designed to assist patients in the optimization and preservation of cognitive skills. Our highly trained multidisciplinary staff recognizes the importance of the relational balance between mind and body and its role in achieving successful outcomes to treatment. This means that each patient is viewed as an active and equal participant in creating and achieving treatment goals.


Who is a candidate for Neurocognitive Rehabilitation?

Any person who has been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease (such as a type of Dementia or Parkinson’s), traumatic brain injury, stroke, or learning disability may benefit from weekly sessions with our trained staff. Please call us for additional information or to set up a consultation.

What is the focus of each session?

After the neuropsychological evaluation, we are able to identify target areas to work on each week. Generally speaking, we “exercise” one or more areas of the brain: Visual-Spatial skills, Executive Functioning, Memory, Language, Attention, and Sensory-Motor skills. Sessions are designed to preserve or enhance functioning, by teaching skills that can be used at home and in daily routines.