Neuropsychological Associates is a full-service independent concierge group practice located in Santa Rosa, California. We offer a variety of neuropsychological and forensic evaluations, consulting services, psychotherapy, and comprehensive case management for patients who may experience a broad range of emotional, behavioral, and brain related issues. Our referrals originate from current and former patients, local health care providers, attorneys, advocacy agencies, educators, and from the general public.

Dr Fraga is an amazing soul who cares about people and seeks out new ways of reaching individuals. I recommend him highly as you will not find a better person to solve your problems.

– Dr Smith,
Kaiser Permanente


Michael A. Fraga, Psy.D., MSCP

Founder and Integrated Health Management Consultant to Neuropsychological Associates

 Dr. Fraga earned his doctoral degree at CSPP-Alameda, he completed his post-doctoral training and certification in Clinical Neuropsychology at the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara California. He earned his post-doctoral Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Psychopharmacology from Alliant-CSPP, in San Francisco California; completing his clinical training at Kaiser Permanente Department of Psychiatry in Vallejo, California. Dr. Fraga is also a member of several local and national associations in neuropsychology, clinical psychopharmacology, and forensics. Dr. Fraga has over 40-years’ experience working with children, adolescents, families and drug/alcohol issues in the mental and behavioral health fields. Dr. Fraga founded and developed Neuropsychological Associates as an advanced neuropsychological practice model where patients are afforded a continuum of care from evaluation through rehabilitation, pharmacological co-management, and caregiver support. Neuropsychological Associates (NA) model is a departure from standard practice where a patient is assessed and referred to. NA provides patients and the healthcare teams the oversight, management, accountability, and communications, between all providers. NA has found this model over the past 6-years to be embraced by patients and physicians alike. NA specializes in the assessment of neurodegenerative diseases, mTBI/TBI, pediatric/adolescent assessment, neurocognitive rehabilitation, and psychopharmacology.